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Ruben Hardwick III Photography

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Seeing the extraordinary beauty in ordinary scenes, requires a lifestyle photographer with a discerning eye and a unique approach, centered on capturing who you really are.


The root of all creativity, inspiration is essential to all great photographers; working with clients with shared passions creates a drive to produce gorgeous images.


Portrait photographers must become almost invisible, allowing subjects to forget about posing, in order to capture the best unmanipulated moments.


Great photographers adapt to their surroundings, changing with the lighting, the setting -- and even the client -- to capture the most stunning images.


Meet Ruben: Professional Photographer 

Light, position, subject -- each can affect the outcome of a photographic portrait or fitness picture. Mindfulness and patience help a keen eye focus on creating the best shots.  


Enjoy working with a professional photographer who makes every situation, from fashion shoots to fitness photography, feel comfortable and fun.