About Ruben Hardwick III

Driven to reinvent the status quo in professional photography, I approach every shoot, every subject and every situation with an unorthodox method. As an analytical and emotional thinker, I begin each session by taking a close look at you and the unique qualities that make you who you are. While many photographers choose to work quickly, capturing hundreds and hundreds of images, I prefer to take a more thoughtful approach, putting clients at ease with kindness and professionalism, so that the photos I take are stunning.


I look to capture both the natural beauty and motion of my subjects, setting the mood and ambiance, focusing on the lighting, and working within the environment, to create a backdrop that will accent and highlight what’s most important.


With each project, I show a care and interest for my clients, and often end a session finding that I have gained a new friend. Simply put, I am dedicated to giving the absolute best service I can and ensuring that you have a good time while I do it.  

I view things not in the way that they are conventionally supposed to be viewed, but rather how, after a careful analysis, I will achieve the best shot.

Ruben Hardwick III

Why Photography

I believe that the best photographers look beyond what is in front of them -- analyzing the entirety of their surroundings and understanding the complexities of their subject -- to capture images that tell a story.


Since I was young, I have been passionate about photography, which is evident in the enthusiasm I have for each project I take on.


My interest in photography began when, at just 10 years old, I stumbled across a camera that belonged to my father (who was a trucker), which held a roll of film showing incredible images from far-off places. That moment helped guide my path and led me to pursue a career as a freelance photographer.


Much of my work today is further inspired by my passion for portraying the beauty and the detail in everyday moments and subjects that I shoot. Challenging my subjects to see past how they view themselves, witnessing moments of peace or reflection, or enlivening a group, and then translating those moments onto film, bring me daily joy.