Fashion Photography

What is it?

Fashion photography is all about capturing the subject, their clothing and their accessories, as well as their overall style, to showcase the latest fashions on the season's chicest models. In all my photoshoots, I take care to interpret and translate onto film both the intentions of the clothing designer and the model in a creative manner.

Who's it for?

Professional and amateur models and actors. Fashion students. Fashionistas. Stylists. Fashion photography is for anyone who wants to show off their best assets, by showcasing their unique style, their beauty and their personality, in stunning photos.

Why Ruben?

When it comes to fashion photography, I love taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Whether it is a pair of shoes, a set of bracelets or a plain white tee, I find beauty in even the smallest of details and translate that onto film. And while fashion shoots are about beauty, I am never satisfied with that alone -- I am not satisfied until I have gotten the best shot. I take time to study and analyze my subjects and the environment, to ensure I get only the best fashion portraits.