Fitness Photography

What is it?

Fitness and sports photography is all about a balance between strength and grace, and then incorporating both to accentuate the hard work and dedication you have put forth toward your physical fitness. More than just fitness pictures, the photos I take tell a story and examine who you are both “on the field and off the field.”

Who's it for?

Whether you are a professional athlete, body builder, or fitness enthusiast, or if you have recently undergone a major physical transformation, I welcome the opportunity to work with you to document this moment through fitness photography.  

Why Ruben?

I approach each fitness photoshoot with one goal in mind: to highlight the most impressive physical features of the body you’ve been working so hard to create -- and to preserve that moment on camera. As a fitness aficionado myself, I take a special interest in such projects and pair my personal knowledge with my professional skills,  to deliver you stunning artistic fitness photography.