Portrait Photography

What is it?

Great portrait photography not only captures the individual, but also their unique personality, through analysis, understanding and effective lighting and poses. Baby portraits, business portraits, special occasion shots, editorial photography and family portraits are just a few of the different types of portrait photography I offer.

Who's it for?

Portrait photography is what many people think of when they picture a professional photographer at work. Perfect for individuals, and professionals who need headshots or executive photos, family portraits, special occasions and events -- like birthdays, engagements or weddings -- portrait photography serves many purposes for many people.

Why Ruben?

I take great pride in being both a creative and analytical person; in every shoot, I work to challenge what my subjects think they know and to capture the very best images once they have surrendered to the moment and are comfortable and at ease, thus creating pictures in mindful, present moments. While my approach may be unorthodox, it allows me to not only capture the very best shots, but to also express your true self through images.